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L'azienda CEM Srl ricerca Agente Estero nel settore Mattress..Leggi l'annuncio

Worldwide (Rif. Annuncio:
Agente Estero
+39 0574 6659215

The MATTRESS DIVISION of the Italian company Cafissi spa Group
is looking for sales representatives or agents.

Programmatic mission of the company: a complete customization of the mattress,
in order to fulfill every customer's need, from cheap targets to prestigious ones.

Our production ranges from latex to visco-elastic (memory), up to the springs. We give particular attention to the choice of innovative and technical products, as well as natural ones. Our size allows us to combine craft traditions and modernity, together with "made in Italy" quality. Creativity, experience and style help us to pursue this aim.

Offering to our customers a full range of high-quality products is not enough for us: we want every single customer to have the chance to find his own mattress, with his own proper characteristics. This extremely high differentiation level makes us furthermore a good supplier for orthopaedics shops/companiesnursing homes, convalescent homes.

Our capability to design every single mattress on the customer's personal taste makes our product unique.

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